iProjectSolutions is the Parent company of iPlantables - The Nations Leading Supplier of Wide-format Touchscreen Solutions


Our iPlanTables in action

Universities - iPlanTables are in some of the most advanced programs in the country. Why? Because students need to understand the future of project information management which will include a wide-format touchscreen solution (iPlanTable), field tablets and smartphones and project information management software.

Architects & Engineers - iPlanTables are being used in place of printed plans, limited projectors and screens, and smaller monitors. Have you ever gone to an AEC office and not seen some teams huddled around plans, conference rooms or looking over someone shoulders? We haven't.

GC's and Subcontractors -  iPlanTables are such a natural fit. We have some of the nations largest GC's and also an 8 person subcontractor with 3 of our workstations. Estimating, mark-up and project management make an iPlanTable a powerful information tool.

Facilities Management - iPlanTables provides the ideal archive information kiosk to access archived information. Used in conjunction with our iProjectCloseout service makes it simply the best solution in the industry. We have our workstations in hospitals, school districts, cities, states, counties and government installations.

Why an iPlanTable?

We get this question all the time. And it is a great question.

Here is our overall answer - You will have a wide-format touchscreen solution in your organizations future - whether it is ours or someone else's.

Why an iPlanTable? Because it is a better solution built and honed by people in the construction information business.

Our biggest advantages?

1. Experience - we don't just provide the equipment but also the knowledge on how it is used.

2. Nationwide installs - we don't just ship you hardware and wish you good luck. iPlanTables utilizes multiple vendors not a single source.

3. Ergonomics - by making the iPlanTable a sit or stand, tilted or vertically flat solution we provide a complete, versatile workstation. A fixed workstation is very limited and does not meet most ADA guidelines.

4. Experience - we can explain to you why the iPlanTable is your best choice, not by hard selling but with industry knowledge of both hardware, software, estimating, mark-up or project management solutions.

5. We provide an integrated standard keyboard and mouse, 2nd or 3rd monitors and a wide array of Touchscreen, PC and video card choices.

6. Experience - we understand why a TV mounted on the wall doesn't come close to providing the same experience as an iPlanTable - and will walk you through why.